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Topics: Dog, Pet, Dog health Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Sara Pitts
3rd period
A Dog’s Life – Ann Martin Book Review
“I can’t speak for all dogs, not all dogs are alike, and most certainly, not all dogs have the same experiences…” (Martin, Cover). A Dog’s Life, written by Ann Martin is an autobiography about a stray dog named Squirrel. This is a heart wrenching and emotional story that explains the struggles of being a stray dog, alone in the big world. The book also shows the various ways people treat strays. Told from the viewpoint of the dog, could be a new discovery for many pet lovers. Ann Martin is an author of many novels including The Main Street Series, Here Today, A Corner of the Universe, and The Baby-Sitters Club Series. She has also won many book awards for her astonishing books. Squirrel, the stray dog, was born in a barn behind the Merion’s house along with her brother, Bone. Without little human contact they must find ways to survive on their own. They meet many friends throughout their life and must gather food from the garbage to eat. Throughout the story, Squirrel and Bone go on many exciting journeys only to find out they will soon be separated. “…but no Mother, I knew that she was not going to come back at all” (Martin pg. 27). Spoken by Squirrel in a soft voice, knowing her mother wouldn’t return. After being separated from her mom, Squirrel is soon separated by Bone too. She then meets another dog named Moon. During their time together they meet up with different people that teach them brutal lessons along the way. Also, they experience many dangerous events that are in the way of making their lives better. The abuse they take at mercy on a daily basis is shocking and touches the heart of many people. “…and then I watched as George, sweating, yanked Bone by the scruff of his neck and tossed him through the open window of the car” (Martin pg. 52). This shows only the beginning of what strays go through, needing help from humans is what they need but often not what they get. The two of...
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