A Dog with Multiple Personalities

Topics: Friendship, Family, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: November 9, 2012
A Dog with Multiple Personalities

Professor Rogers

English Composition
13 June 2011

l. Introduction
A. Background
B. How Yoshi has different personalities
ll. Mother and Son personality
A. Listens and does the right thing
B. Cute and quiet
lll. Brother personality
A. How the play
B. Their own communication
lV. friend personality
A. Keeps company likes the same books
B. Does not listen to me
V. Conclusion

Professor Rogers
English Composition
13 June 2011
Taking my own advice
My family has been blest with a great dog as a pet. His name is Yoshi; he was name by my son after a video game character. Yoshi has been living with has for last four months in which he has become a new member of the family. He has gained our love with his personality, big hears, and the sad look in its eyes which are characteristics of a basset hound. His personality or personalities to be more accurate is what it is so lovely and interested to us; he acts completely different with each member of the family, as a son with my wife, as a brother with my son and as best friend with me. First, Yoshi acts as a good son for my wife. He listens when he is told to do something, or when he is told to stop doing some other things. He lays down in the living room and pretends been interested in my wife’s TV shows. He displays himself as lovely and well manner son, which will never disobey his mother and the very few times when he does; mom is quick to stop and punish him. Yoshi just listens to her and goes back to be a good son and lays down. He earns back her heart by looking at her with such sad stare that it could melt down the North Pole then stays quiet and acts cute for her. Second, Yoshi is a good brother to my son. He plays with him all the time and loves to be around my son. It is amazing to see how well they understand each other. Yoshi seems to understand every games my son tries to play with him....
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