A Doctors Code of Ethics

Topics: Medicine, Physician, Ethics Pages: 5 (1765 words) Published: August 23, 2010

A Doctor’s Code of Ethics
By: Vanessa White
University of Phoenix

A Doctor’s Code of Ethics
A doctor’s code of ethics is to enrich the wellbeing of the community and town by helping taking care of patients during visits while making progress in a patient’s treatment (Medical Ethics, 2010). These guidelines are put in place for the doctors so that they can attend to any challenges that might arise both ethically and expertly (Medical Ethics, 2010). Medical ethics are guidelines of a physician’s duty in medical world (World Book, 2010). The Code of Ethics are a form of good medical practices that take ethical situations into consideration with a show of consideration for the patient, conflicting situations and other forms of ethical practices. Another important factor to remember about the code of ethics is that these are essential principles that need to start and end with what is in the best interest of the patient (World Book, 2010). A doctor’s code of ethics needs to consist of three main considerations. They are as follows; the reliability that is owed to the patient, the accountability to the community and a duty to the medical profession (World Book, 2010). In this paper we will look at the Code of Ethic goals for doctors. Next we will look at the ethical principles of the physicians. Next we will look at the grievance procedures that a doctor should follow when communicating with families. We will then look at my opinion of the feasibility of enforcing either part of the entire code of ethics. Finally we will look at recommendations for strengthening any potential weak areas of the code of ethics for doctors.

When a doctor reviews the code of ethics they need to set goals to help them be successful. The goals that a doctor sets need to involve the patient, the community and their medical career. The goals need to support the essential principles of the physician’s code and their career field. The first goal that needs to be set is that physicians need to hold on to the promise of the maximum values of excellent care (Physicians Practice, 2010). The second goal that should be set is that the physician needs to be there for their patients with the greatest training available (Physicians Practice, 2010). The next goal that needs to be set is that physicians need to set and uphold the maximum values of individual and professional demeanor while complying with policy and rules (Physician Practice, 2010). The next goal that the physicians need to set that there needs to be a patient-doctor relationship (Physician Practice, 2010). This is a relationship that needs to be developed and based on trust, admiration, and teamwork (Physician Practice, 2010). Another goal that needs to be set is that all patient information needs to be kept confidential and confined (Physician Practice, 2010). The only way information should be released is if the patient gives written consent or gives direct consent verbally to the office staff or the doctor.

A doctor needs to have ethical principles when practicing medicine. A doctor generally needs to have ethical principles along with proper conduct in order to be successful. The essential principles of guidelines are a foundation of consults and practices (World Book, 2010). Upon my reading, ethical principles need to consist of six points in order for a doctor to be successful.

These six points are as follows; the first ethical principle is that a doctor needs to put the needs of the patient first regardless of the situation (Ethical Principles, 2001). The second ethical principle is that a patient should always be care for with respect, truthfulness, capability and self-respect (Ethical Principles, 2001). All patients like to be treated with care and as a peer. The third ethical principle is that a doctor should keep the privacy of the patient. A doctor keeping items discussed with the patient is not only an ethic principle but a law (Ethical Principles, 2001). The fourth...
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