A Discussion of Assessment and Feedback Issues

Topics: Assessment, Formative assessment, Educational psychology Pages: 4 (1266 words) Published: May 20, 2013
A discussion of assessment and feedback issues

Assessment is an important part of teaching and learning, the most obvious reason for carrying out assessment is to evaluate the students learning/achievement s and whether the student is heading toward the course of qualification. Teaching within NVQ the criteria is laid out for me as a teacher my role is to prepare the students to observe their performances, question them, and use assessment to make a decision as to whether my learners are competent or capable. I must also to ensure that the assessment meets the criteria and objectives of the NVQ qualification. We as the teachers/assessors want to know whether learning outcomes have been achieved, or if the student is of a standard required to pass and achieve the grade /qualification. It also helps me as the tutor up most to help determine the development the student needs during the course. Assessment is also a away to provide information on individual teacher or the institution. For example; are the teaching methods affective, are the learning objectives appropriate- are they too easy or to difficult. Assessment within my teaching domain comprises of different components, performances in the work places, the use of realistic working environment. With NVQ teaching we have specific criteria that must be covered and include skills as well as knowledge, we the assessors have the decision as to how and where the assessment takes place. NVQ level 1-2-3 hairdressing comprises of units which must be cover die, Level 3 consists of 53 credits minimum split into mandatory units -48 credits and optional unit of which is 6 credits to pass and obtain the qualification. Following VTCT/HABIA critia guide lines and assessment work book. VTCT/HABIA strongly advocates a holistic approach for assessment of learners. Examples include using one assessment method to gather evidence for a number of criteria integrating knowledge into practical observation (i.e. through oral or...
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