A Discussion Guide and Outline to the book "Daughter of Time" by Josephine Tey

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  • Published: December 16, 2002
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Daughter of Time Discussion Guide

I. Characters

A. Alan Grant

-works as a police officer at Scotland Yard

-in hospital because he fell through a trap door chasing a criminal; "bed-borne" (12)

-has a broken leg

-very bored (11) received many books to read, but has no interest in them because they're all the same to him, "Authors today wrote so much to a pattern that their public expected it." (14)

-has a passion for faces (19)

-could always tell a person by their face (27)

-did not believe in a criminal face, "If there was only one kind of crime, it might be possible; but crimes being wide as human nature, if a policeman started to put faces into categories he would be sunk.(28)"

-becomes interested in a picture of Richard III, "Of all the portraits Grant had seen this afternoon this was the most individual." (29)

-could not really describe the type of person the portrait was portraying (30)

-at first, he thinks of Richard as the villain he is portrayed in history books(30)

-when looking at the picture, villainy did not come to his mind at first (33)

-all he knows at first is that Richard III is the younger brother of Edward IV (33)

-knew that he died in Bosworth and was the last Plantagenet (34)

-Grant is only interested in dreary faces (42);

B. Nurse Ingham

-"The Midget" (11)

-from Lytham St. Anne's (12)

-"...but she dealt with his six-feet-odd with an off-hand east that Grant found humiliating. Weights meant nothing, apparently, to The Midget. (12)"

-first impression of the portrait of Richard was that he had liver problems (31)

-believes that Richard killed the two princes by smothering them with pillows (41)

-she doesn't like the portrait of Richard (41)

-tells Grant that Tyrell was the one that Richard hired to kill the boys and that he confessed later on to the murders and hanged (42)

-he wants to find out the truth about Richard III because after reading the first few history books, everything doesn't seem too right (54).

C. Nurse Darroll

-"The Amazon" (12)

- from Gloucestershire and has problems during each daffodil season (12)

-"She had large soft hands and large soft cow's eyes and she always looked very sorry for you, but the slightest physical exertion set her breathing like a suction-pump." (12)

-Grant found it very humiliating to be treated as dead weight (12)

-Richard the Lionheart was her hero (34)

-brings Grant two children's history books (35)

-tells Grant that Tyrell told Dighton and Forrest to kill the boys and that it was written in Sir Thomas More's account of the matter

-she says that no one should contradict More because he is right and sainted and he lived during that time (46)

-also says that Richard killed his wife and wanted to marry his niece (46)

D. Marta Hallard

-"...if anything Marta did could be said to be irresolute...(15)"

-"She looked very handsome, very Parisian, and blessedly unhospital-like.(15)"

-encouraged Grant to take up a hobby (16)

-actress (23)

-brings Grant pictures to keep him occupied (25)

-brings him a copy of More's account (70)

-"It's odd, you know. When you first look at it you think it a mean, suspicious face. Even cantankerous. But when you look at it a little longer you find that it isn't like that at all. It is quite clam. it is really quite a gentle face. (84)"

E. Mrs. Tinker

-"...Mrs. Tinker's homely face appeared in the aperture surmounted by her still more homely and historic hat. Mrs. Tinker had worn the same hat since first she began to "do" for Grant, and he could not imagine her in any other. (20)"

-referred to hat as "me blue" (20)

-"It was worn with a ritualistic awareness, and having been worn it was used in the event as a yard-stick by which to judge the proceedings. (20)"

-"not worth putting on me blue for it... (20)"

-Went to church only for weddings and christenings (21)

-"I'd be surprised if that hussy is...
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