A Discourse Analysis of a Classroom Interaction

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In this globalization era, the value of English as an international language is significantly escalating in different aspects. Its significance is considered in classroom to prepare students in their future line of endeavor. Despite the innumerable benefits that English language can give, it has still a wide variety of components that are needed to be considered and examined in order to fully understand its complexities.

Discourse analysis as an aspect of language use is vital to understanding diverse conversational exchanges or written texts. Definitions of it are given by different language experts to essentially and practically extract its importance. (Brown & Yule, 1983 mentioned in Juez, 2009) The analysis of discourse is, necessarily, the analysis of language in use. As such, it cannot be restricted to the description of linguistic forms independent of the purposes or functions which these forms are designed to serve in human affairs. (Fasold, 1990 mentioned in Juez, 2009) The study of discourse is the study of any aspect of language use.

Applying discourse analysis in a classroom interaction brings an avenue of discovering the undiscovered language domains found in varied socially situated processes. Furthermore, unspoken acts i.e., body languages are taken into account to uncover the hidden messages of the exchange of ideas throughout the activity. (Wray and Kumpulainen) Classroom interaction refers to all the ways in which participants in classrooms interact with one another, including oral interaction, non-verbal interaction and shared activity.


The following studies have been reviewed in relation to the present study. 1. A Study of Classroom Interaction Characteristics in a Geography Class Conducted in English: The Case at Year Ten of an Immersion Class

Nurmasitah (2010) conducted a research that the objectives were to explore the classroom interaction characteristics and to find out whether or not the English interactions as used to teach Geography at year ten of Immersion Class at SMAN 2 Semarang have met teaching effectiveness elements.

The scope of the study was the Geography teacher and Immersion Class students at year ten (X-3) of SMA N 2 Semarang. The class consisted of 30 students. The study concerned with teaching effectiveness elements and classroom interaction characteristics in immersion classroom.

The result of the study showed that the most dominant characteristics in immersion classroom interaction was content cross. It reflected that most of the teaching0learning time was devoted to questions and lectures by the teacher. Teacher emphasized on the subject matters.

2. Classroom Interaction and the Effectiveness of Teaching Learning English as a Local Content Subject at the Elementary School
Pheasanty (2003) conducted a research that the objective was to identify the characteristics of the classroom interaction in the elementary school English classes; to identify the English mastery of the Elementary school students; and to find out whether there are any significant differences in the effectiveness of teaching learning process among classes with different percentages of classroom interaction characteristics.

This study involved the fifth grade students and the English teachers od some schools as the subjects. The result of the analysis showed that the dominant characteristics of classroom interaction in Elementary School are the student participation. Indirect ratio, and content cross. The English mastery tests of the fifth graders of these Elementary Schools are good...
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