A Disaster

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Natural disasters are something we cannot fight against or win, since a man is powerless against nature. Some people think that natural disasters are caused by human activity and environmental pollution.

We cannot be 100% sure whether it is a myth or truth. The only evident thing is that natural disasters are rather a frequent phenomenon these days. Probably, it is the main reason why this problem is so often discussed in different academic papers.

If you are assigned to write an essay on disaster, one of the most reliable sources that you can use is National Geographic. This article can also be a good source of help with writing natural disasters essays.

Natural disaster essays: avalanches

Avalanches occur when massive slabs of snow go down from a mountainside. You can find the recent entries about avalanches in different countries on the official website of National Geographic: http://environment. nationalgeographic .com. Include a couple of real life examples into your essay on natural disaster to make it sound more valid.

Natural disaster essays: lightning

Lightning occurs due to the imbalance between positive and negative charges. Lightning can strike buildings or exposed mountaintops. When talking about lightning in your disaster essay, say that about 100 strikes of lightning occur every single second on the Earth. However, sometimes their power is disastrous. As an example, you may provide the following fact in your natural disaster essay:

The possibility to become a victim of lightning in the USA any one year is 700, 000. The possibility to be struck in your lifetime is 1 in 3, 000.
Natural disasters essays: tornadoes

A tornado is a vertical funnel of rapidly spinning air. The most powerful tornadoes were reported in South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, northern Texas, and eastern Colorado. The following statistics can also be included into natural disasters essays:

The US tornadoes cause 80 deaths and more than 1,...
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