A Dip in the Poole Summary

Topics: English-language films, Theft, Psychiatry Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: April 21, 2011
Dip in the Poole Summary
The story opens in the lobby of a beautiful hotel. A man sits surveying the scene, and watches the people as they move about. As he sits and watches a rich, older man appears as does as a young woman. The narrator watches the polite older man being robbed by the young girl in the tweed suite.

The narrator watches the scene and then approaches the pickpocket. She immediately denies her actions and threatens to call for help. The man tells her that doing that is useless as he is the hotel’s head of security. She then changes her story saying that she is mentally ill, and compelled to steal and not a true thief. She says she has sought help, but it has not been successful and that this is going to really cause her problems with her overbearing father.

The man tells her she can leave with no one knowing if she returns the stolen items. She immediately does, saying she is going to being seeing another psychiatrist that very evening in an attempt to get her mental illness under control. The man takes back the stolen wallet and tie pin and let the young women leave. He then reveals he did not believe her at all and that is was actually going to be robbing the older man before she beat him to it. So he lied to her about being security in order to get the items he had originally wanted. The story ends with the narrator smugly leaving the hotel, stolen property in his possession.

Write About the Selection:

I figured out the ending to the story in lines sixty nine to seventy one when the narrator basically says that the stolen items will go back to the victim and the incident won’t be reported to the hotel. When the narrator told the young girl to just hand over the stolen items and she’s free to go the ending was very predictable. The story at first seemed like it was going to be talking about a thief in a hotel, but after reading further on I noticed that story changed its tone and found out the narrator was the...
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