A Dinner Party with Fictional Characters

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  • Published : January 12, 2012
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Imagine a dinner party with board games, engaging conversations, ringing laughter and catchy music blaring through speakers. What's missing? Obviously, the dinner. As the guests come from different corners of the world and, in this case, time, the dinner would be as exotic and unique as possible. Hermes, Hannah Cassandra Glen, David Storm and Benvolio will be the main guests to the planned feast and it will be laid down in this order: appetizers, main course and dessert. There are four appetizers: fresh olives, cocktail wieners on a stick, marinated peppers, and a taco dip. Hermes would appreciate the olives since they were a popular appetizer for the rich. Since Hannah had a taste for the meat that hang of Mr.Francher's shop, the cocktail wieners would be perfect. Benvolio should be familiarized with marinated peppers since the practice of marination originated near the Mediterranean. David Storm, the telepathic son of a farmer, should enjoy the taco dip since it contains many native plants of Waknuk such as tomatoes, onions and lettuce. After the guests have a chance to nimble on these appetizers, the main courses will arrive. The main courses are cheeseburgers, chicken salad, sweet Neapolitan pizza and shrimp with rice. Hannah, being brought up in 20th century America, should have eaten a hamburger at least once. At night, instead of macaroni and cheese, we'd have hamburgers that sizzled delicious smelling fat all over the stove. Hannah, pg 4 Chicken Salad is a very simple dish made with greens and chicken and without any preservatives or chemicals, just like the food in Waknuk. This would appeal greatly to David . The sweet Neapolitan pizza is a delicacy of Italy, as explained by Bartolomeo Scappai, a 16th century cook. The irony is that pizza is enjoyed still today but this pizza was enjoyed by the Italians- 500 years ago! Ancient Greece supplied lots of seafood. Shrimp was favoured by the elite living like Hermes and the other gods. As...
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