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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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English 1000C
September 18, 2012
A Different Perspective
As the sun sluggishly began to creep above the mountain ridge, Joseph Saunders laid sound asleep. He had been up all night studying for a Physics test that he intended on passing with an “A+.” On the previous exam, he received a “B-” which was unacceptable in his father’s eyes. The warm sun’s rays gently made their way up Joseph’s bed spread, before positioning themselves upon his brown face. His eyes slowly opened, allowing him to gaze into the pale blue sky for a moment, until, “RING, RING!” Joseph’s alarm immediately brought him back into the present realm where he had a test in exactly four hours.

As he made his way down the spiraling staircase, he gently said, “Good morning Madre” to his mother, still in the process of putting on her bathrobe. His father worked nights, so Jo never really him until he came home from school. They both made their way to the kitchen for breakfast. “What’ll it be on this wonderful, God-given morning?” said Joseph’s mother. “I’m super tired,” croaked Joseph. “I was up until…I don’t even know how late.” “Then you’ll need something to wake you up, and keep you awake for the day” said his mother. She swiftly glided to the cabinet, grabbing the container of steel-cut Quaker oatmeal. Before Joseph could blink, there was a hot bowl of freshly prepared oatmeal in front of him, with butter and raw brown sugar on the side. “You’ll do great today, I know it.” She kissed him on his forehead, and made her way back upstairs with her coffee. Black with two sugars and one cream, as usual. “Thanks mom!” yelled Joseph as he saw the bottom of her bathrobe disappear up the stairs. He washed his bowl, took his vitamins, and dashed for his room to get ready. The clock read, “6:23am” and he knew he would have to rush to make it to his car on time. Joseph darted out of the front door, throwing his bag and books into the trunk of the car and picking up the paper in one sweep. As he ran...
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