A Descriptive Paper About a Hero

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Have you ever sat down and thought about who in your life would be your hero, well in my eyes Lewin Canady my dad is my hero, he is my rock. In my home town most people's hero's come in a military uniform. Mine comes in work boots ,raggedy old jeans with mortar on his hand and a hard hat. This man is my father he is understanding easy to talk to, has a kind heart, and he is a survivor.

When it comes to being understanding, my mom has never been the best at that which for most girls they talk to there moms about everything especially when they get older. That has never been the case for me. My dad has always been there for me wither it been boy issues or life issues he knows what to say, also he is a great listener. I think this is because we are the same person. Being judgmental has never been something that he does. He doesn't get angry easily so when I go to tell him something that he may not want to know about, or hear about he might get a little upset but he will never lash out.

My dad shows a stone hard exterior on the outside but on the inside he is a big teddy bear and has the kindest heart out of anyone I have ever met. He will do anything for me or our family. He works 40 hrs a week sometimes he will put in over time on the weekends but he still will manage to help my mom around at the house and will make time to go to my nana's and mow her grass and take care of anything she needs done, also if some one asks for his help or they need his tools he has no problems with helping or letting someone using them. He is the man that everyone calls if they need help.

My dad may have not faced cancer or any other disease but to me he is a survivor. When I was in the 3nd grade I remember it like it was yesterday I got called to the office for check out my mom had been crying and I kept asking what was wrong and she kept saying that dad got into a accident and I was going to stay with mrs. julie. Not to later did I find out that my dad was in a really bad...
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