A Descriptive Essay About a Place

Topics: Sun, Blue, Purple Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: January 26, 2013
One breezy evening I decided to go out for a walk. I loved how the warm breeze felt against my face. While walking, not even noticing where I was going, I turned a sharp corner and nothing was there but a dirt path and forest surrounding it. I walked on, day-dreaming about how this place looked like a fairytale. When there was a sudden change, there was a small gap leading into the forest where there was a river. The river curled in all directions and the calm, smooth surface looked trusting, and inviting. I stepped into the forest. The sun was almost down; the sky had beautiful light purple color with pink clouds. As I stepped into the forest it grew incredibly dark except for some patches of light here and there. As I followed the little river I hear little noises, guessing it was from animals I moved along. As the day grew darker I got tired. I decided to sleep for the night in the forest for following the small river back would take a long time. So I rested on the soft green grass and went to sleep dreaming about how mystical this all seems. The next morning when I awoke the sun was high in the sky and the sky was a true blue color. I got up and stretched. It was surprisingly a good sleep. As I decided to go back home so I can eat I realized the river was gone! It wasn't there anymore. It just vanished in a way. What was the river were now flowers, flowers of every shade. But the problem was the flowers were everywhere not only where the river was. My brain overflowed with panic. How was I supposed to get back? I decided to follow my instincts. I skipped my way through the trees and saw ahead a patch of dirt road. I was overcome with relief. I hurriedly rushed to the road and ran all the way back home. I was glad that I got home.
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