A Description of Winter

  • Oct 8, 1999
  • 291 Words
Magic Falling

There are the days that are dreary and overcast. The mood is sullen and dark, and the family is bored. The cold reaches to the bone and chills throughout the body. The tree branches are stark bare, their leaves stripped off in the fall; their beauty gone. Dirt covers the wet snow that lays uneven over the yard, or piled on the side of the driveway. Yet, there are the days of magic, when fresh, fluffy snow bursts through the clouds and surrounds everything. The flakes lightly touch your face, attaching to your lashes and tickling your nose. The snow covers the dirt, and piles upon the ground. The bare driveway made of dirt and rocks is covered with a blanket of cold, smooth white. These fluffy flakes grasp onto the branches of the bare trees, giving them back their beauty. This surrounding snow brings silence, enchantment and wonder with it. One stands outside in awe, head lifted to the sky and arms out trying to comprehend and embrace it.

The family stays inside together, with their hot chocolate. They sit by the windows, admiring the sudden beauty the blizzard has brought. Conversation rolls smoothly between the members of the family, and sweet laughter is heard. Blankets and warm sweaters are wrapped around each body. Watching the beautiful snow fall is enticing. It captures the viewers' interest, and one can be comforted by it for an hour or more. This kind of weather is pure beauty, where it surrounds the private trees, bushes and gardens. It's a whole new world; a get away.

Then, amidst the laughing and story telling, a period of quiet ensues. The quietness of the snow falling, covering, hiding, has won once again.
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