A Description of Things Fall Apart

Topics: Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe Pages: 4 (579 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Masculinity vs Femininity

Things fall apart is a rough book about a ruler named Okonkwo. He tries to be the

Strongest, most feared, and the most powerful leader of his tribe. Okonkwo grows

Up hating his father because he thought his dad was very lazy and not a strong man

Like Okonkwo wanted him to be. Okonkwo grew up trying to be a very strong man

And a ruthless person, killing anybody in his way. When he was only eighteen years

old, he goes up against a profecinal wrestler who was a champion. His name was the


The young eighteen year old man went to Nwakibie to get what they used as

Money which was yams only to start his own farm so he could be a strong man.

That year he chose to start a farm, all these unexpected natural disasters happens to

Okonkwo but some how he manages to make it through the rough season. Okonkwo

Makes a promise that if he could survive that horrible season then he could manage

To handle anything that comes his way.

There was a special week just for peace in Okonkwos town. Okonkwo is trying to

Be the strongest worriers in his town and during the week of peace, he commits a

Feminine crime which was beating his wife. This horrible decision committed by

Okonkwo was his first crime against the earth. This was a very big mistake because

His penalty was to make a ritual for a sacrifice. A couple weeks after, which was a couple weeks before the New Year, Okonkwo poles a nother horrible stunt… he goes

to his new wife Ekwefi and threatens her with a gun. That was a nother bad mistake

He chose to make to giver him self a masculine look. When Okonkwo starts to

become a little feminine is when he starts to show concern for Ezinma. Okonkwo

starts to follow the priestess, Chielo, and Ekwefi. The priestess kid naps Ekwefi.

And Okonkwo goes after her to try and save her.

Okonkwo later in the book was invited to...
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