A Description of Human Resources Development

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HRD is a profession today. It has a body of knowledge and this knowledge is transferred to younger generations through management institutes in India. By now HRD is a well-recognized function in organizations. HRD has professional bodies supporting its knowledge generation, knowledge dissemination and capacity building in organizations. HRD has also generated consulting firms which provide exclusive HRD services for organizations in need. Thus HRD is a well-recognized profession in India today.

The subsequent topics of this chapter take the readers through various aspects of this profession.


HRD is based on the two assumptions: HRD makes sense only when it contributes towards business improvement and business excellence. HRD also strongly believe that good people and good culture make good organizations.

HRD means building:

➢ Competency in people
➢ Commitment in people
➢ Culture in the organization

HRD means building competencies. The most important HRD function is to build competencies in each and every individual working in an organization. Competencies are to be built and multiplied in roles and individuals.

HRD means building commitment in people. Competencies will not make sense without commitment. Think of an organization where all the employees are competent but not willing to put into use their competencies. Hence, competencies without commitment will not contribute towards effectiveness.

HRD is all about building a development culture in an organization. HRD ensures that culture-building practices are adopted from time to time to create a learning environment in the organization. It builds such a culture that the built-in culture in turn will build competencies and commitment in the people who work with the organization.

HRD can be defined as the branch of human resources management function that endeavors to build competencies, commitment and a learning culture in organizations with the purpose of bringing in competitive advantages to achieve business excellence in all its operations.


HRD functions are carried out through its systems and sub systems. HRD has five major systems and each of the systems has sub systems as elaborated below: the first three systems viz., Career system, Work system and Development system, are individual and team oriented while the fourth and the fifth systems viz. Self renewal system and Culture Systems are organization based.

1. Career system: As an HRD system, career system ensures attraction and retention of human resources through the following sub-systems.

• Manpower planning
• Recruitment
• Career planning
• Succession planning
• Retention

2. Work system: Work-planning system ensures that the attracted and retained human resources are utilized in the best possible way to obtain organizational objectives. Following are the sub systems of the work planning system.

• Role analysis
• Role efficacy
• Performance plan
• Performance feedback and guidance
• Performance appraisal
• Promotion
• Job rotation
• Reward

3. Development system: The environmental situation and the business scenario is fast changing. The human resources within the organization have to raise upto the occasion and change accordingly if the organization wants to be in business. The development system ensures that the retained (career system) and utilized (work system) human resources are also continuously developed so that they are in a position to meet the emerging needs of the hour. Following are some of the developmental sub - systems of HRD that make sure that human resources in the organization are continuously developed.

• Induction
• Training
• Job enrichment
• Self-learning mechanisms
• Potential appraisal
• Succession Development
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