A Description of Folk Tales

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A fairy tale, or wonder tale, is a kind of folktale or fable. In these stories we meet witches and queens, giants and elves, princes, dragons, talking animals, ogres, princesses, and sometimes even fairies. Marvelous and magical things happen to characters in fairy tales. A boy may become a bird. A princess may sleep for a hundred years. A seal may become a girl. Objects too can be enchanted — mirrors talk, pumpkins become carriages, and a lamp may be home to a genie. What is a Fairy Tale

Welcome to an exploration into the many different Cinderella stories that exist. Cinderella stories are considered by many to be a folk tale. A folk tale is a legend or story handed down from generation, usually by oral retelling . Folk tales often explain something that happens in nature or to express the truth about life, such as a lesson to be learned . Most folk tales were written for adults, but now enjoyed by nearly everyone. Most folk tales include:

A beginning with starters with,"Once upon a time
Enchantment (magic)
Some form of royalty,
A wicked character
A kind character (that is usually treated badly).
A goodness rewarded in the end
The story ending in "they lived happily ever after".
Fairy tales are stories either created or strongly influenced by oral traditions. While each culture of the world has it's own body of folk tales and fairy tales that it considers " it's own certain themes ten a to be repeated across many cultures and time periods. Folk tales and fairy tales are old, old stories, down by word of mouth for hundreds of years, and nobody knows who the original author was. To learn more about what makes a fairy tale visit the following sites: A myth is a

|  | |AA myth is a story with a purpose. It tries to explain the way the world is.  Myths also try to explain the relationship | |between gods and humans. Even though the...
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