A Description of Bleeding Kansas

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A sequence of violent events involving
abolitionists and pro-Slavery elements that
took place in Kansas-Nebraska Territory. The
dispute further strained the relations of the
North and South, making civil war imminent.

10% Plan

This was Lincoln's reconstruction plan for
after the Civil War. Written in 1863, it
proclaimed that a state could be reintegrated
into the Union when 10% of its voters in the
1860 election pledged their allegiance to the
U.S. and pledged to abide by emancipation,
and then formally erect their state
governments. This plan was very lenient to
the South, would have meant an easy


served as the 3rd Vice President of the United
States. Member of the Republicans and
President of the Senate during his Vice
Presidency. He was defamed by the press,
often by writings of Hamilton. Challenged
Hamilton to a duel in 1804 and killed him.


the first major battle in the American Civil
War to take place on Northern soil. It was the
bloodiest single-day battle in American
history, with almost 23,000 casualties. After
this "win" for the North, Lincoln announced
the Emancipation Proclamation



Georgia city captured and burned by Sherman
just before the election of 1864


Plundering pirates off the Mediterranean
coast of Africa; President Thomas Jefferson's
refusal to pay them tribute to protect American
ships sparked an undeclared naval war with
North African nations

Battle of New

Jackson led a battle that occurred when
British troops attacked U.S. soldiers in New
Orleans on January 8, 1815; the War of 1812
had officially ended with the signing of the
Treaty of Ghent in December, 1814, but word
had not yet reached the U.S.

Battle of

1811 Tecumseh and the Prophet attack, but
General Harrison crushes them in this battle
ends Tecumseh's attempt to unite all tribes in

Black Baptist

church of african americans


Black Belt

deep south area that stretched from South
Carolina to Georgia to the new states in the
southwest frontier which had the highest
concentration of slaves


Bull Run

1st real battle, Confederate victory,
Washingtonian spectators gather to watch
battle, Gen. Jackson stands as Stonewall and
turns tide of battle in favor of Confederates,
realization that war is not going to be quick
and easy for either side

of 1850

allowed california to enter the union as a free
state and divided the mexican cession into
two territories where slavery would be decided
by popular sovereignty


(AL) , a group of northern Democrats who
opposed abolition and sympathized with the
South during the Civil War, Vallandigham


Refers to the presidential election of 1824 in
which Henry Clay, the Speaker of the House,
convinced the House of Representatives to
elect Adams rather than Jackson.

Cost of
Federal Land




4 people ran and Lincoln won-even though he
only had 40% of the people's vote

Aaron Burr



One of the most skillful politicians in
Republican party. Lawyer. Tried to gain
national exposure by debates with Stephen A.
Douglas. The Lincoln-Douglas debates
attracted much attention. Lincoln's attacks on
slavery made him nationally known. He felt
slavery was morally wrong, but was not an
abolitionist. He felt there was not an
alternative to slavery and blacks were not
prepared to live on equal terms as whites.
Won presidency in November election.

Adams Onis

The most infamous prison in the south. There
was no shelter. There was a huge population,
and there were food shortages, overcrowding,
and disease that killed about 100 men a day
during the...
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