A Dependable Car - Personal Narrative

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Ryan Green
February 8, 2013
English Comp 101
A Dependable Car

I started to drive at the age of 18, compared to many kids that started driving at 16 or 17; I was late getting started. I’m 19 now, but in the year I have been through 3 cars and am currently working on my fourth. Many people would assume that this track record of cars would belong to someone with triple my driving experience. My reason for having owned so many cars at this age; isn’t due to me having exorbitant financial resources, but the exact opposite; since in my mind all the cars I purchased were an attempt to save money. I was told by many to wait and save up the money for a dependable vehicle because a dependable used car would cost me more in the long run with minor repairs than a dependable used car that may cost more upfront, but instead of listening to this advice I chose to purchase my first vehicle after only 2 months a saving. I look back now and only wish that I had headed this advice. My first car was a 2001 Subaru Outback sedan, which was picked out by my mom for $2,400 dollars. This was definitely my favorite car out of all that I have owned, since it was the newest and nicest looking.  My affection for the Subaru was short lived, because after a week of driving the transmission decided to give out. Being the first car I had owned I wasn't sure how much to even sell it for. I chose to sell it for $800 dollars on Craigslist. I found out after the fact that this was a horrible deal on my part. After 2 months of saving up the money for the car, I finally had $1,600 saved. I ended up with the 1998 Mazda 626. The car only cost $1,100 dollars, and was my longest running car to date. Aside from needing a new battery and running properly on the highway during bad weather; the 626 never gave me any problems. Which is why it was difficult to have to sell the car when I left the school in Indiana. This time I was able to sell the car for more than what I initially paid for it. I ended...
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