A Degree for Meter Readers

Topics: Laborer, Employment, Higher education Pages: 3 (774 words) Published: May 20, 2013
HRM Incident 1: A Degree for Meter Readers
Question 1:
Should there be a minimum education requirement for the meter reader job? Discuss. Yes. There should be a minimum education requirement for the meter reader job. Even though the tasks required in meter reading are relatively simple but Judy had been having considerable difficulty keeping the 37 meter reader position filled. It is true that the commitment shown to obtain educational qualifications, such as a high school diploma, may reflect the superior character work and job applicants. However its seem such an unrealistic job qualification, to change the education requirement for the meter reader job from a high school diploma to a college degree. Its means the applicants need to have a degree before they can apply for the meter reader jobs. Furthermore, even the task in meter reading are simple but for a person without a high school diploma or a college degree may have problems in reading numbers and letters, and thus would be unsuitable for the position of meter readers, so that’s why we need to have a minimum education requirement. Having a minimum qualification of a high school diploma seems reasonable, unless there is a training program that could screen individuals for the ability to master the basic functions of the job.

Question 2:
What is your opinion of Sam’s effort to upgrade the people in the organization? I agree with Sam’s opinion to upgrade the people in the organization but Sam’s method to change the job specification, a degree for meter readers is such an unrealistic job qualification and I don’t agree with that method. However, simply because certain basic educational requirements are needed to perform the functions of a particular job does not automatically mean that more is better. Sam’s vague sense of higher education making better for meter readers job seems to be more supported by the feelings and the desire to improve the image of the company, from a policy that...
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