A Definition of Different Types of Feminism

Topics: Feminism, Sociology, Radical feminism Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: November 13, 2011
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Like marxists, feminists take a critical view of the family. They argue that it opresses women, they have focused on issues such as the unequal division of domestic labour and domestic violence against women. They do not regard gender inequality as natural or inevitable. Liberal feminism- In terms of family they hold a view similar to that of 'march of progress' theorists such as Young and Willmott. Although liberal feminists do not believe in in full gender equality which has yet been achieved in the family they argue that there has been gradual progress. Men more domestic labour. Marxist feminism- main cause of women's oppression in the family is not men but capitalism. Women reproduce the labour force- unpaid domestic labour, women absorb anger- directed at capitalism, fran ansley (1972) describes wives as 'takers of shit' who soak frustration from husband, alienation and exploitation at work. Women are a 'reserve army' of cheap labour- workers needed, can be let go when not needed. Marxist argue that women are exploited in the working class. Radical feminism- All societies founded on patriarchy rule by men, believe men are enemy source of women oppression and exploitation. The family and marriage are the key institutions in patriarchal society. Radical feminists would like to overturn the patriarchal system, in particular the family, the root of oppression must be abolished only way to achieve separatism. Many argue for 'political lesbianism' the idea that heterosexual relationship are inevitably opressive because they involve 'sleeping with the enemy'. Similarly Germaine Greer (2000) argues for the creation of all-female or 'matrilocal' households as an alternative to the heterosexual family. Liberal- jenny somerville (2000) radicals don't recognise position has improved- better access to jobs, divorces and opportunities but somerville also believes women still need to achieve full equality. Functionalism focuses on the positive roles played...
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