A Definite Link Between an Organisation's Business Strategy and Human Resources Strategy Is Essential for Business Success

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  • Published : November 22, 2007
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A Definite Link Between an Organisation's Business Strategy and Human Resources Strategy is Essential for Business Success The world of work as we know it today is changing rapidly from the introduction of new labour laws, globalisation, demographics, an ageing workforce. In the busy and demanding environments in which people work today it's not very often that we can take the opportunity to step back and look at the broader picture and overall direction in which we are heading. There are many different types of organisations which are set up to serve a number of different purposes and to meet a variety of needs. Organisations come in all different forms, shapes and sizes. Example •School

•Leisure centres
All though there are many different types of organisations there are at least 3 common factors in any organisation. It's the interaction of people to achieve objectives which form an organisation. Structure is needed to ensure that peoples interactions and efforts or co-ordinated. This is why HRM management is required so that the activities of the organisation and the efforts of its members are directed and controlled towards achieving objectives. HRM management is a shared responsibility. There's the line management who have the authority and control over staff in their departments. The top management take an active part in ensuring there are harmonious working relationships among departments. If the HRM function is to be effective there has to be good team work, and co-operation and consultation between line managers and HR manager. The range of HRM responsibilities within an organisation is very wide 1.Human Resource Planning

2.Recruitment, Selection and Induction
3.Education, Training and Development
4.Employee relations, employee services, welfare, and health and safety. Organisations must take in to consideration Where, how, and for whom, in transforming company structures and cultures. As Organisations...
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