A Defining Moment Im My Life

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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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Our house was a buzz of excitement. Relatives from all over the world visited and offered their assistance. The dining-room table was laid with delectable treats and thirst-quenching drinks. The sound of laughter filled every corner. Mum scurried around, busy as a bee, ensuring every little detail was organized.

Everyone, including me, pampered the special princess. Her friends hovered around her giggling and making comments about her future husband. I revelled in the happiness and the excitement surrounding me. The big day had finally arrived! I wore my fabulous gown, which I had accessorized to the last detail. I put on some expensive jewellery before we proceeded to the final function of the week. I watched the elegant bride in amazement while I pondered over the amazing memories we had together.

My stomach was in knots and a feeling of nervousness washed over me as we were leaving to go to the brightly lit and exclusively decorated venue. I was the one to hold my sister's hand and guide her down the aisle. She was stunning in a cloud of white with tiny diamonds glittering on her hair and neck. My heart leapt with pride and joy. At that time I did not realize that we were walking down the path of enormous change.

The night was magical. We spent the entire night celebrating and rejoicing. Mum`s arrangements were perfect and everybody was amazed.

I fell into bed that night exhausted and satisfied. I felt a sense of emptiness but I knew my sister was content and that made me extremely happy. This was my defining moment. Amid all the excitement and happiness I had failed to realize that my sister now belonged to someone else. She will now just be a mere visitor in our house.

It struck me then that nothing is going to stay the same forever. My siblings and I are all going to grow up and start moving in our own directions.

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