A Deep Analysis of Disney Movies

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  • Published : August 18, 2010
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Ashley Weiss 01/23/10 Period 2 H. English 11 Does a Disney Princess Really Have the Perfect Life?
As all old tales used to be told “Once upon a time…” was a very popular starting phrase. This one single phrase came to be well known in Disney films, made by the infamous Walt Disney himself. There were many other things that came to be known from Disney movies; however some of them may not be the most positive ideas. These thoughts take a lot of deep thinking and analyzing and can be very controversial as well as argued upon. The main idea I bring forth today is the feminist view of most Disney movies, if not all of them. When looked closely upon, it is shown in Disney moves that all women need some type of man or “prince” in their life and cannot be left on their own. As well as needing a guardian, most women are well known for their housekeeping capabilities and make perfect “housewives”. Let us dig deeper into this aspect and see what there is to find, that may have never been intended to be found.

In the beginning the very first feature length animated film to be made was created by Walt Disney and called “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. At first view, it seems to be a pleasant picture of a woman who enjoys singing and is simply waiting for her prince. Snow White is young, beautiful, pure (possibly hence the name “Snow White”), kind natured and simply obedient. She does not mind doing the housework and she truly believes that one day a handsome prince will come to her rescue of her evil stepmother and they will run away to a “happily ever after.” However, why is it, that in order to have a happily ever after, there must be a prince involved. Is it so difficult for Snow White to simply decide to make her own life and move away from her wicked stepmother on her own? She does seem to be at the age where she can be held responsible for herself. But it is shown in this movie that she cannot live a happy life without a prince. When...
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