A Debate on Gay Marriage

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  • Published : March 28, 2008
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“A Debate on Gay Marriage”

Same-sex marriages or “homosexuality” as it is commonly known has become one of the most argumentative topics in society. It all initiates when one portion of our population are pro “homosexuality”, while the other half strongly disagrees with the sexual orientation that others prefer. As a result, a debate titled “A Debate on Gay Marriage” was published. It states the supporting beliefs of the writer Andrew Sullivan from his book, “Virtually Normal; An Argument about Homosexuality” and the opposing arguments of William J. Bennett, a prominent cultural conservative, which first appeared as an op-ed column in the Washington Post.

In general the issue of gay marriages is one that raises many questions and concerns. There is nothing wrong with being a “homosexual” or a “bisexual” since one is still an individual that eats, breathes and feels as ‘heterosexuals” do. Why is it that society is crucially against same-sex marriages? I believe that there is nothing wrong in expressing affection towards the same-sex as long as one is happy and does not pose a threat to society.

The debate entails key arguments as to why same-sex marriages should be made legal and opposing arguments stating what the unification of gay couples can do to the institution of marriage. According to Sullivan, “marriage is not simply a private contract; it is a social and public recognition of a private commitment” and being so it should be made available to any two citizens. He also mentions that commitment among “heterosexual” and “homosexuals” is identical due to certain vows that are made by both parties. On the contrary Bennett states that, “allowing same-sex marriages would do significant, long term social changes”. Affirming Bennett describes an individual engaged in homosexuality as an outcast. He also questions the controversy that will form by broadening the definition of marriage and consenting same sex marriages among society. For example...
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