A Debate on Corruption

Topics: Fraud, Society, Steven Spielberg Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Now many believe that if Steven Spielberg were to do a film on the scams in India he would probably call it Swindlers list. So entrenched ladies and gentlemen has corruption become in our country in our society that everyday almost we hear of a new scam. Not long ago it was the common wealth games scam, followed by the adarsh housing societies scam followed by the 2G spectrum scam. Perhaps the biggest of them all in India ever and more recently the loan scam. And what's really shocking and disturbing is that even before the fire of one scam can die out, a fresh one erupts. Now I'm only reminded of a recent status update on facebook which said, in fact spoke of double standards in our country. When a poor man picks someone's pocket because he is hungry and he wants to buy a loaf of bread he is caught by the police beaten black and blue, sent to jail and sometimes even dies in police custody. But when ministers rob the country of 100's and 1000's of crore rupees, some of them are not even questioned. Toothless hounds - are they guarding our public morality. Have we as a society perfected the art of making a pretence, a big show of fighting corruption. Has civil society completely squandered its power of disapproval of corruption. Is our battle against corruption today a mere knee jerk reaction or a sustained campaign

My Civics teacher would be happy to know I learned more about civics in last 1 week than a whole year.
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