A Day I Will Never Forget

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  • Published : September 30, 2012
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From the day I first saw my son to now
When I first saw my baby he was all wrapped up in a stiff white blanket with footprints from all colors of the rainbow. His eyes were closed because his cheeks were so puffed up that they kept him from being able to open them up. His face resembled a red puffy marshmallow. His head was so long and narrow it almost reminded me of a little alien head. He had a full head of curly golden sandy brown hair. His nose was small as could be. It was like a little button nose. He had the smallest little mouth but that didn’t stop him from making the loudest noise.

When I first felt his hands they were so small and delicate it felt like they could break in an instant. His fingers were so small and skinny he barely had a fingernail. This was the first time I had actually seen hands so little and delicate. His arms were so skinny but to him they were probably really heavy because he could barely lift them. His head was so swollen from just being born that you couldn’t even see his neck. It was like his head was just sitting on his body with nothing attaching it.

His feet were so little and they had that baby soft feeling that most people try to get by applying way too much lotion on a daily basis. He would wiggle his itsy bitsy toes when I tickled the bottom of his foot. His legs were stubby and short. They would jiggle if you moved his leg because they were just so fat. His foot and leg came together as if he had didn’t even have an ankle.

When I first got to hold him I was scared of hurting him. He was so delicate and small. He couldn’t even open his eyes. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I was never going to let go of him after that. He was mine and mine he would stay.

Now he’s 3 and a half months old. His face has thinned out so now we can see his beautiful crystal blue eyes. If he’s sitting perfectly in sun his eyes will glisten like a diamond. He has a big mouth and loves to use it to scream, laugh, and giggle....
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