A Day to Spend as You Wish

Topics: Family, Trivial Pursuit, Board game Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: February 23, 2012

A day to spend as I wish would start with making a big, wholesome breakfast with my family. The process of scrambling the eggs and flipping the pancakes would get me and everyone else in an upbeat mood. Giving a helpful hand in the morning would also give me a sense of worthiness. After breakfast is ready and served, my family would sit around the table together. We would discuss what we had dreamed about that night, what we had read in the news, and what we were doing that day. After cleaning up, I would make some calls to some of my friends and suggest that we all gather up all the clothes we don’t wear anymore and go around the neighborhood and ask the neighbors if they had anything they wanted to donate. Then we would drop off all the donation we have collected to the local Salvation Army, then head to our local homeless shelter and volunteer for a while. My friends and I would then call more friends and suggest that we all head to the park and have a friendly game of volleyball. Arriving at the park, everyone would greet each other and just talk about what was on our minds. Teams would be picked and the game would begin. The game would become a heated battle and tension between teams would rise. Some bad calls would result in intense arguments between teams. The quarreling would relieve some stress making us happier throughout the day. After the volleyball game, we would head over to one of my friends’ house to relax. After raiding the kitchen cabinets and the refrigerator, we would begin to play some sort of indoor game, whether it was video games or table tennis. After allowing our hunger to die off and our body temperature to regulate, we would call over a few more friends. After hours of joking and laughter of all sorts, I would leave to go back to my house. After being freshly showered, dinner would almost be ready. My mother would have already called my other relatives to come over and I would set the table accordingly. There would be a...
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