A Day to Remember

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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It was a chilly turbulent May morning and I had been awake since two am the day before. I had been packing our belongings but not making a lot of progress. Silently struggling to be as quiet as possible as to not wake the girls because I hadn’t decided what to tell them yet as to why we were moving. In all honesty I hadn’t even told them we were moving considering I had only made the decision few hours earlier. I had been impatiently waiting for the U-Haul to arrive and with it help to get the move started. As I finished the kitchen I heard the horn blow and knew it was time. I heard voices from the bedroom as I began to carry out bags and knew the girls were awake. As I struggled with the conflicting crisis overwhelming my mind and the heaviness of our bags weighing me down, I knew at that moment that everything had changed. It had been an unbearable realization that I had to move. Leaving was not a new concept I had been struggling with the decision but that morning is when reality had hit me and I knew I had no choice. The last six hours had been overwhelming, I was exhausted and emotionally drained, yet I had packed as much of my things as possible. I knew that I only had until around eight pm to have everything done in order to make a clean getaway sparing myself the inevitable emotional scene if he came home and caught me. Yet, every time I packed something I hesitated and was overcome by memories. It was like a flash back of your favorite romantic movie meets a Stephen King horror novel, it had all the makings of a Lifetime movie or cheesy eighties after school special. Making light of my situation was the only thing keeping me from an
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