A Day in the Life of an Indian - Today

Topics: Stock market, Kill, Cricket Pages: 2 (383 words) Published: May 10, 2013
The Day In the Life of an INDIAN - TODAY

Today, was just another day
That went by uneventfully, unsung and unnamed.
Nothing Happened beyond the same stories narrated in the Parliament, Or beyond the same old Matured Kids of the Opposition & Ruling political Parties giving debates around. Except that the moon appeared again after an indifferent fortnight And the crescent shone in double confusion through the under-corrected eyeglass lens

It was the same patient wait in a million faces,
For those momentous things that never happened.
No doubt there was this big, sensational & jaw dropping Corruption Scam in the ministry brought to light, But the accused have not been mouthing, though leaving many people mouthfuls for more than a week. And no revolutions are in the offing.

The same old Strikes and Anti-Government Posters, and the only thing That happened new was another terrorist attack killing some more people. But not so new really,
Because death is the same,
Only the way to kill is new.
Previously it was as Train Passengers and this time as Budding Cricketers.

The Paradoxical reports from the Stock Market and prices of Gold etc, Were well worn out today too, except some INC’s making huge leaps in share Prices exceptionally because the investors liked its new attractive Ad gimmick. But the fire of Inflation in the Crude Prices don’t seem to run out of fuel. But apart from capitalistic trends,

Not even one blinding reported today.
Only three women raped including a 14year old minor in a village, And one woman prisoner was raped in police custody elsewhere. No protests or Candle Light March Held..
Nothing new controversial turning up in Bollywood too.
No more Violence or Word-Wars reported at High Profile parties amongst actors, And the months old banner
Of a superstar’s movie
That was put up outside the multiplexes been changed to make place for another. And how can we forget Cricket??
U could still see crowds gathered outside...
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