A Day in the Life of a Red Blood Cell

Topics: Heart, Blood, Red blood cell Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Rob the Red Blood Cell

Rob is an ordinary bllod cell and does the same thing every day. This is not a boring life though as he get the thrills of the lumps and bumps of the circulatory system. Rob enters the Vena Cava and enters the right Atrium where he is then pushed through the Tricuspid Valve and into the right Ventricle. While in her he currently has no oxygen in his biconcave dome so he needs to go and get some. He goes through the Pulmonary Valve and up and out of the Pulmonary Artery. From here he travels to the lungs through capillaries, where the oxygen then diffuses with the blood in the Alveolus. He then travels back to the Heart and enters it through the Pulmonary Vein and goes into the left Atrium. He goes through the Milral valve and into the left Ventricle. He goes through he Aortic Valve and up the Aorta, which then leads to the rest of the body. He is now able to go anywhere around the body and the high pressure lets him do this. Once he gets to his destination, like the toes for example, he gives of the oxygen and then starts his journey back up to the Heart. On the way back it is tougher because there is low pressure so the red blood cells have a continuous push up so that they can get back up. To prevent the blood to fall down there are valves which are strictly one way. He then gets back up to the Vena Cava and the whole process starts again. Rob must report to the liver after four months to be broken down and this will end his career.
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