A Day in Life of Alex Sander: a Day in Alex Sander

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  • Published : March 6, 2012
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A Day in life of Alex Sander:

Diyora Hitesh V
Regd No. PA1110

Alex Sander is a new product manager at Landan care products inc. which has been acquired by a European Beauty company. Alex Sander is very talented and has rebranded two national products in one year. She knows very well when to launch product and she is smart enough to do things correctly. Sander is getting her first 360° performance review. Company is doing 360° review for the first time but Sander is not bothered about the review because she believe compensation as a measure of performance. She does not recognize team members for their work and if they don’t work according to her standard then they will be victim of her anger.

Following are main problems in this case:
* Effectiveness of 360 feedback.
* Gender biases in organization- has the glass ceiling been broken? * Managing talented but difficult personality.

Effectiveness of 360 feedback.
360 feedback means taking the feedback not only from superiors but also from subordinates. Employees can develop their week areas by 360 feedback. But there are different paradox in this system. One of this is it is easier to get the feedback but at the same time it is difficult to implement it. And when peers appraisal matters the most it help the least. Managing talented but difficult personality:

It is very difficult to manage talented employees. Talented employees are productive to the organization but at the same time they work according their norms and principles. Generally talented employees are not good leader. So company can gain a lot from talented employees but also can lose some subordinate working...
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