A Day at the Lake (Descriptive)

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  • Published : November 5, 2008
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Have you ever been to the lake before? Usually when you think of the lake you think either fishing or some kind of water activity. It’s usually fishing because your dad owns a bass boat. This time though one of your friends, who you had no idea had a boat, invites you to go to the lake for the day with him. What do you think you are going to do? You ask your friend and he says that it is time you learned how to wakeboard.

You get to the lake and it is silent there is no one to be heard or seen for what looks like miles. The driver of the boats heads toward one end of the lake. Once there your buddy sets up everything that is going to be used while wakeboarding. He pulls out the tow rope, the flag, and the lifejacket. You tell your buddy that he is going to go first so you can watch how it is done. He slides his feet into the wakeboard puts on the lifejacket, grabs the rope and jumps into the water. The driver starts the three hundred and fifty horsepower motor and you hear it roar and it begins to drag you buddy. The boat accelerates and he stands up. Wow! That didn’t look or seem like it was too hard.

Now it your turn! You squeeze your feet into the bindings on the wakeboard, and put on the lifejacket. Meanwhile your buddy is trying to tell you all the basics. You grab the tow rope and jump in. just like before with your buddy the motor is turned on and you are slowly dragged. The boat accelerates all of a sudden and you try to stand up. Nothing worked as you planned. It’s definitely harder than you thought. The driver of the boat circles around and you grab the rope to try again. This time you face plant into the water, just like a bug hitting the windshield of a car moving at 50 miles per hour. You ask you friend what the heck you are doing wrong. All he can think of to say is that you are not trying hard enough.

This really pisses you off! So you grab the rope and try again. This time you stand up, the feeling is...
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