A Day at Cldrc

Topics: Drug rehabilitation, Drug addiction, Addiction Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: March 11, 2013
A day at the CLDRC
           Do you judge people because of their past? I’m just asking because it something to do with my story. Well, let me your ears and here’s my story.       “Yes, finally were here!”
       It takes almost 2 hours before we reached our destination---CLDRC. You might wonder what CLDRC means. It means Central Luzon Drug Rehabilitation Center. We were there a few days ago because it was a requirement for all the NSTP students for some purposes. We somewhat visited our “family” there.LOL. But that’s what they call each other “family”. Isn’t it cute? You have a lot of families there. So it must be fun. At first, it seems that everything is brand new---New ambience! New people! But wait. There’s something wrong. My heart beats really fast. It is because of excitement or nervous? “Ano kaya hitsura ng mga tao sa loob? Nananakit ba sila? Oh my! Kakatakot!” these are some questions stuck in my mind when we finally entered the rehabilitation. There are many activities that we did. First, we have some discussion regarding of what does CLDRC means—the purposes, activities, and who are the people there? And we talked about drugs. And after that “family” performed- sing and dance especial number. There is also a “kilig factor” thanks to “Kuya Christian” one of the family. It seems they aren’t addicts, they don’t look like one. Then, they asked us to go to the Nipa Hut to take some rest and to eat our packed lunch. After we have eaten, the only thing we do is to wait. “Wait for the moment that there is a family who will join us.” Minutes had passed so swiftly but unfortunately still no one came. “Sana wala ng dumating nakakatakot eh!” Until the long-awaited man came. There was a man named “Michael John” short for “M.J”. He was a married man with one child.Oh well moving on, he told us about his tragic life. His addiction to illegal drugs started when he was a student. This addiction made his life miserable like cutting classes (ang dami na nga nyang...
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