A Curious Incidenct

Topics: Truth, Fiction, Narrative Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Everything in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is seen through the eyes of Christopher, the fifteen-year-old genius narrator with Asperger’s syndrome. All events are processed through his remarkable mind. Very early on we are made aware that the novel Christopher starts writing is the novel we have in our hands. For that reason we always feel close to Christopher: we are not only looking out on the world from his perspective but we are literally positioned in his shoes, holding the very novel that he is holding as he writes. We are effectively written into his story. For this reason we become more and more tuned into the way in which Christopher views the world. The emotional outbursts of those around Christopher are told in a matter-of-fact way that makes episodes of rage somehow distant and often even more chilling. We are let into his world in a way that other characters in the novel seem not to have access. Haddon endows us with the necessary equipment (this novel) to be able to understand Christopher and to share his life and as a result we are introduced into the world of this young man in a way that no other character in the novel can fully do. It is a gift that Haddon has given us and it is a testament to the power of writing and communicating. The way in which Christopher uncovers perhaps the greatest secret of the novel is no accident – there is a reason why he finds out that his mother is alive by reading letters from her. Christopher uncovers the truth by reading. Through reading his mother's letters he is able to digest the information in his own way and in his own time. This is exactly what Haddon gifts us with: Christopher’s narrative is so simple and yet uncovers a world of complex truths. His logic and matter-of-fact attitude allow us to see the world fresh. The unique perspective of Christopher’s logic colors everything in the narrative. Mark Haddon is writing a story about Christopher writing a story, and Christopher is writing...
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