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Topics: Poverty, Woman, Girl Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: December 20, 2012
A shallow woman married to awealthy man encounters another woman begging on the street.she takes the beggar home and feedsher. She tells her she will help her and that they are to be friends.However, when her husbandcomments on the beggar’s physical beauty, she gives the beggar a small amount of money and turnsher out on the        The inner world and the most superfine shades of mood are in  the centre of K.Mansfield’s stories.  K.Mansfield was called one of Tchekov’s followers.  She addresses the life of  inconspicuous common people, their characters, human drama and shows what the people feel. The main character of her story “A Cup of tea” is Rosemary Fell, a very rich young woman. Once, leaving the shop, she  was  called by a poor girl. She  asked  her for the  money  for a cup of tea. She didn’t  look  like a beggar  and Rosemary decided to take her home.  Of course she didn’t think about the poor girl. It was thrilling adventure for her which would amaze her noble friends, the adventure about which she had read in the novels. Rosemary’s  husband wasn’t satisfied with the presence of the strange  girl. He resorted to tricks to show the door to the girl, causing jealousy of his wife. Having forgotten about her care, Rosemary immediately gave Miss Smith a ridiculous amount of money and turned the girl out of the house  . Who knows how the life of the poor girl will pass?  Perhaps  it will be the most lamentable. But Rosemary hardly cared about it. She thought about a pretty glazed casket which she had  seen in a precious shop inBond Street. The social and moral themes are interlaced in this story.   K.Mansfield   distinctly shows  egoism, hypocrisy, pretence, cruelty and inner ugliness of the “moneybags”. Her sympathy is always on the side of the have-nots. Katherine Mansfield is one of the famous writers. She published several collections of stories. One of the most famous stories is «A cup of tea». The main concern of her stories is the feelings of her...
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