A Cry in the Wild by Gary Paulsen

Topics: Natural environment, Wilderness, Fiction Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: June 6, 2012
A Cry in the Wild by Gary Paulsen
Elements of Action/Adventure book

Gary Paulsen’s life experiences help him write his action/adventure stories because of living in the wild with all the wild animals. This could help him make the stories more interesting. It helps him know what they act like. Paulsen can go more in depth with his stories details. Some examples of this are in A Cry in the Wild and Wood Song where the bears are the main problem. He could go into great detail with the details on the bears because in Wood Song he actually had to deal with the bears being around his house. Gary Paulsen’s experiences helped make his stories by adding more interesting details and make it easier to visualize.

A Cry in the Wild used the six elements of fiction greatly. The hero element or the one that steps up in a bad or death faced situation. It was used when he found the food for himself and ate whatever he could find. Physical action or when characters are in extreme conditions. This happens when Brian wrestles the bear in the lake. There is also fast pacing or when the story starts off slower then speeds up till it gets to a climax. This could have to do with the hurricane or storm because it makes everything worse than it already is. Violence another element is graphically described action. When the pilot has a heart attack and the plane crashes is an example of that. The place that gives a sense of the conditions and obstacles also known as setting is the Canadian wilderness inn the summer. Brian was very lucky that it was summer not winter so it was easier to survive. The sixth element is quest or the journey could be when he gets lost in another part of the wilderness and can not find the lake. The six elements hero, physical action, fast pacing, violence, setting and quest were used greatly in A Cry in the Wild.
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