A Cry for Help: Ad Analysis

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  • Published : October 10, 2012
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Outside Looking In

A young girl being photographed is standing in her room staring directly at her reflection in the mirror in front of her. This ad is a cry for help. One in four young women have some type of eating disorder. The young girl in the photograph views herself completely different than what we see when we look at her. Through this image you can tell exactly how this young girl feels about her body. Her posture, facial expression, and body language are all elements that contribute to this powerful image. At the bottom of the ad, “Bulimia – Anorexia, Support For People With Eating Disorders” is printed; however, the ad does not need to include any words. The message the image is portraying is very strong.

This image of this teenage girl is very disturbing. She is standing on a scale in her bedroom studying herself in the mirror before her wearing nothing but undergarments. Looking at the picture, we are able to see the young girls back. We can also see her, so called reflection staring back at her in the mirror. Her long, dirty blonde hair looks thin and dull and is swept to the side so we can see her in clear view. She is extremely skinny. Her back looks like a dinosaur, seeing every vertebrae of her spine with her shoulder blades protruding out too. Her hip and leg bones are beyond visible. With her legs being so far apart it looks as if she is actually bow legged. Her arms are so thin that her elbows appear to look abnormal and too big for her body.

The young girls reflection in the mirror is not the same as the girl I just described. The reflection we see in the image is how the young woman views herself. We can see her face, looking worried and terrified. Her hands are awkwardly folded within another in front of the young woman’s chest. Her facial expression and body language let us know how the girl is feeling in the image. We can tell she feels uncomfortable looking at herself because she is not pleased with...
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