A Critique of Share Jesus Without Fear

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A Critique of Share Jesus Without Fear

A Paper
Submitted to Dr. Ashton Smith
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Of the Requirements for the Course
Contemporary Evangelism

Robert D. Bragan
25 May 2012
Bibliographical Entry

Shepherd, William Fay with Linda Evans. Share Jesus Without Fear. Nashville, Tenn.: B&H Books, 1999.

Author Information
William Fay was a business man trapped in a Godless life. One day, however, William was reached with the saving message of Jesus Christ. William’s life was forever changed. He went from being in trouble with the law to a witness for Christ in a prison ministry. Now, a graduate of Denver Seminary, William has not only authored the above referenced work, but has also authored the booklet “Share Your Faith Without an Argument.” Additionally, William is also host of the internationally syndicated radio show, “Let’s Go.” Currently, William is serving as a chaplain with the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency. William lives a life of evangelism by sharing Christ wherever he goes. Content Summary

All believers have the responsibility to share Jesus as they travel through this life. While some Christians are afraid to share their faith, William Fay says that it can be done without fear if one follows the instruction found in this book. The book takes the reader from overcoming excuses for not sharing to leading people to Christ. Along the way, objections are overcome, examples of conversions are given, and how to pray for the lost is explained.

Early in the book, the usual objections to sharing one’s faith are dealt with. According to Fay, the Bible calls on every believer to share their faith whether they feel they are gifted to do so or not. In fact, he informs the reader that the idea of having to be gifted for evangelism is not biblical (Fay, p. 16). Many of the other excuses center on fear of what others will think and the lack of knowledge to know what to say when sharing. To each objection, Fay reveals an easy answer and a simple way through. He boldly informs the reader that one cannot experience the joy that many others have found if they do not get past the excuses (Fay, p. 27).

There are 5 “share Jesus” questions that Fay likes to use when in a conversation with someone. These questions are: “Do you have any kind of spiritual beliefs?”, “To you, who is Jesus Christ?”, “Do you think there is a heaven or hell?”, “If you died, where would you go?”, and “If what you are believing is not true, would you want to know?” (Fay, p. 33). With these questions as the starting point, Fay believes that any Christian can boldly and capably share their faith with others. He reminds the Christian that although the apostle Paul shared his faith with fear and trembling, he still shared his faith (Fay, p. 37).

Fay affirms the power of the Word of God and uses 7 passages in his presentation of the gospel. He believes it is important to try to bring people to a point of decision. However, he reminds the believer that convincing is not man’s job; it is the job of the Holy Spirit. He offers several “commitment questions” that may be presented to bring someone to a point of decision. He reminds the reader that often there are objections to receiving Christ. He points out one of the most important questions to present to most any objection is, “Why?” (Fay, p. 65).

Although there are many types of objections to accepting Christ as Savior, Fay gives responses to 36 of the most common objections that are encountered. As mentioned above, the question, “Why?” is a good response to most objections. When this question is asked, it helps to get through the initial objection and get to the real issue for that person (Fay, P. 81). One thing to remember is that it never helps to get frustrated or mad when a person doesn’t accept Christ.

When it comes to having...
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