A Critique of: “Don’t Fear Islamic Law in America”

Topics: Islam, United States, Sharia Pages: 2 (719 words) Published: April 9, 2013
In the article “Don’t Fear Islamic Law in America” by Eliyahu Stern, the article talks about the positives and negatives of Islamic law within the states. There is a debate over if certain Islamic laws are jeopardizing freedom in the United States or if the laws are helping build a religious minority in America. It’s said that terrorism is often found having something to do with Shariah law, which threatens our freedom inside America. This is not entirely true. Many states are beginning to consider “outlawing aspects of Shariah law” because they don’t completely understand. Supporters of this believe that outlawing some Shariah practices and beliefs will help protect our country and avoid certain terrorist acts. They feel that eliminating a few Islamic laws will not only better our country but strengthen it as well. I disagree with them. Within the article, Stern writes “the destruction of the national existence of the United States [cannot be connected to] Shariah.” Followers of these Shariah laws in America may lead to terrorism inside the United States, thus, the destruction of our nation’s existence may come from the terrorist acts of the Shariah followers is completely wrong. People against Shariah believe that religious following of Shariah weakens American equality. Another belief by people against Shariah worshiping is that it “ignores our country’s successful history of religious tolerance.” Also, Shariah “creates a dangerous divide between America and its fastest growing religious minority.” I believe welcoming and embracing other religious can help America grow. Back in the 19th century “Jewish law [did not] prevent Jews from being loyal citizens of the republic,” so why should we do the same to Islamic laws? An incident questioning “[Jews] ability to be civil servants” was “Jewish legislation” that Kant, a European philosopher argued it was not possible for Jews to be real citizens when Jews could not work during the Sabbath because of...
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