A Critical Study on “Characteristics of Media Under the Broad Light of Social, Economic and Political Factors.”

Topics: Mass media, Advertising, Newspaper Pages: 7 (2664 words) Published: October 2, 2011
A Critical Study on “Characteristics of Media under the Broad Light of Social, Economic and Political Factors.”

Providing knowledge, information and entertainment books, newspapers, magazines, radio, film, TV and the Internet are very popular in every part of the world. Mass media has become one of the most important means of modern communication and countless institutions and individuals are producing diverse types of contents in every moment.En general we can say that Mass Media deals mainly with production and distribution of symbolic content. It aims to reach the largest possible audience and wants to be accessible for everyone. However, consummation and support of Mass Media should be everybody’s own decision. There are various targeted groups so that for each special interest many different sources can be found. Furthermore, other characteristics of Mass Media are the presence of professional communicators who provide excellent interaction with society and the multiplicity of gatekeepers that filter the essential parts. There is a big responsibility in organisation and management of Mass Media. Because Mass communication doesn’t consist only of the mass media, complex and formal organizations are essential. They permit the general diffusion of knowledge about life in the world today and are responsible for society’s development. As media organizations are owned by very different kinds of representatives of society their effects diverse a lot. They are part of society. So, as they take information out of it they disseminate their content within society. Because of that these organizations have complex relationship with cultures, ideologies, recent technologies, economic systems, actual interests and, of course, political systems and government. With this big influence they can permit themselves to make a huge profit to be established and to operate. Every kind of social service behind Mass Media and media institutions has to be considered in two ways. Media is no welfare-organization to educate people. It is an industry, a big business with many influential professionals and major investment for equipment and facilities. Media unite markets, products and technology. Products can be used and recycled in multiple ways. The business involves creativity and uncertainty and concentration is its natural tendency. In fact, Media have high fixed costs and in addition it is very difficult to enter this business. To finance and maintain Mass Media this industry is dependent on advertising revenues, direct audience revenues, audience donation, auxiliary enterprises, and private support and government subsidies. Advertising is the most popular way to treat high costs of the media business. And it is on newspapers that advertisers spend most money. There they have the possibility of display and classified ads. Another important financial point is the direct selling of a product to the audience. It is the last step, the delivery to the receiver. With all these sources Mass Media business is pretty successful in the whole world. But with its big commercial importance we have to be careful with our judgements. In some cases business interest might be bigger than the interest in social service. Then, the product’s quality might be reduced, gatekeepers would provide only information in view of the quickest profit and there would be more advertising than information. In general Mass Media is a very useful and important mean of communication in every society. Although, we should always be aware of the big influence they have in our daily life and opinion. As their interests are very variable we should always be critical and judge about a topic only after having read several documents about it. Everyone, if in sender or receiver position, has to know which big responsibility he has got communicating and distributing thoughts and information among the people. The conflict between Mass Media as a social service and as a business is a...
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