A Critical Review of the Theory of Person Centred

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Title A Critical Review of the Theory of Person Centred.

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A Critical Review of the Theory of Person Centred.
In counselling and psychotherapy, it is fundamental aspect for practitioners to use theory as a way of informing the way the work with a client.(McLeod). The goal of this essay is to explore the humanistic personality theory of Carl Rogers. The essay will begin by giving a summary of key theoretical construct which includes Rogers’s view of self, his view of human condition and his rational for improvement of these conditions and then give examples to how such instances play out in clinical practice with a client using a published case material. The essay addresses how a psychoanalytic practitioner might have approached his work differently with the same client, and finally the essay proposes and provides directions for future research. Different personality theories have put forward varieties of explanations for behaviour and what constitutes a person. Carl Rogers developed a theory of personality in the early 1940s known as a theory of client centred and later came to be called person centred theory. The theory of person centred is a theory of personality or concept of a person. The Person centred counselling is a non directive therapy that begins and ends with experience. The concept of experiencing makes the phenomenological stance very important to person centred approach. The concept of experience includes feelings, action tendencies and thoughts which is constantly changing.(McLeod) According to Rogers, both the therapist and the clients are trustworthy beings. This trust starts with the belief that people are capable of reaching their full potential and hence they do not require direct intervention from the therapist in order to understand themselves or resolve their problems. They are capable of self-directed growth or actualizing tendency if they are trusted by their therapist whose role is to establish the best possible condition for its fulfilment. The therapist aim is to constantly empower a person’s autonomy which leads to development of capacities to maintain and enhance growth towards becoming. The concept of actualising tendency is the only motivation force in the theory.(Corey, 2005). In Person centred, the ‘self is a central construct in this theory. Human beings are viewed as having individual uniqueness, with a complex personality unlike any other human being and they are acting to fulfil two needs, which are self actualization and need to be love and valued by others. Therefore person centred therapist understands that to uncover subjective perceptual world of the client can be very difficult and only clients themselves can do this with great effort. Client’s perception of their world depends on the social evaluations experiences they have had into their self concept. If a person is accepted and at the same time disapproved, their self concept is exposed to condition of worth. The ‘self’ is related to a distinctly psychological form of actualizing tendency known as ‘self actualization tendency’. This means the realization of individual potential in accordance with one's conscious view of what one is. The development of self concept and self actualization are connected to secondary needs which are needs for positive regards from others and needs for positive self regards which are assumed to be more likely learned from childhood. Favoured behaviours are consistence with the person self concept. Locus of evaluation is another idea which is connected with the understanding of the operation of self concept. This is the idea that people could be...
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