A Critical Reflective Analysis of My Own and My Colleague's Performance During Our Class Based Teamwork.

Topics: Management, Leadership, Teamwork Pages: 7 (2247 words) Published: February 6, 2011
A critical reflective analysis of my own and my colleague’s performance during our class based teamwork.

The assignment is according to the situation and study from lectures and team work during the course of human resource management. At the beginning of my assignment, it is essential to introduce our team. Our group consists of 1 Ukrainian, 1 Indian, 1 Angolan and 4 Chinese (include me). In this assignment, these team members will be referred to as A, B, C, D, E, F and G. The first part of the essay is focused on the team roles and personal characters. The second part of the essay investigates leadership observed in our team.

Team roles and personalities in our group
Cole (2002) defines a role as “the set of expectations held by the individuals concerned and those about them concerning how a job or task is to be performed”. Belbin (1993, 2001) has researched into team roles originally, and he identified 9 team roles. The team members play some roles which are described as follows.

The specialist:
In our team, I (person A) played the role as a specialist. Belbin (op.cit.) represents the specialist as “strength lies in being a dedicated and focused individual who likes to learn and constantly build his or her knowledge. The specialist likes to dig deep and is therefore a good resource who can contribute information and knowledge in a team situation”. Usually I would like to give my colleagues’ opinions. Also during a discussion of our team, I was single minded and self-starting. When our team could not conclude or reach a decision to a task given I often gave my distinctive idea without considering other members’ notions. My social knowledge and work experience seemed to be my strength. However, I could only contribute to our team in a narrow way and may not have seen whole things. This was my weakness could be discovered during our team work.

The shaper
Member B in our team performed the role of shaper. Belbin (op.cit.) represents the shaper as “their strength lies in being goal directed. The shaper is a dynamic individual who badly challenges others during discussion, can handle work pressures and has the courage to overcome obstacles”. Nevertheless, shaper is provocative and hurt other members’ feeling. Member B always started to get the team discussed and often said “first like …”, “let’s start with …” or “Okay, so what should we do is …” when no one else spoke. His performance was consistent with Belbin’s (op.cit.) representation of a shaper who guides and encourages team members to overcome difficulties. Belbin (op.cit.) also convinces us that shaper can be a good manager. The manager/shaper role was really needed in our team.

Team worker
Members C, D and E in our team performed the roles of team worker. As Belbin (op.cit.) describes the team worker “They often listen and support other members, they give suggestion and improve communication”. However, their own ideas easily be influenced by other members. Members C and D would always keep silence at the beginning of a discussion. Meanwhile, they often listened to other different opinions and took these ideas into their consideration. Then they evaluated in a diplomatic way. On the other hand, member E did not contribute much to our team. She often kept silence during a whole group meeting and avoided conflict.

Member F played the role of plant in our team. Belbin (op.cit.) describes the plant as “creative members of the group, they introduce new ideas and strategies to the discussion, especially regarding important issues”. However, they do not regard of details and etiquette. Person F often interrupted other members’ conversation and pointed out directly who was right and who was wrong, though he always put forward innovative ideas. But sometimes, we were suddenly enlightened by his innovative opinions.

Monitor evaluator
Member G performed of monitor evaluator in our team. As Belbin (op.cit.) defines it “discernment, constructive...
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