A Critical Evaluation of My Company's Approach to Organisational Agility and Resilience

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  • Published : December 26, 2012
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Executive summary

The purpose of this report is to examine Team24’s approach to organisational agility and resilience; looking specifically at the promotion of flexible working practices. It explores the benefits to the organisation of championing flexible working opportunities within the company and demonstrates how enabling more people to work flexibly improves their lives by providing a better balance between work and outside commitments.

An organisations approach to organisational agility and resilience can be gauged in part by looking at flexibility in the workplace, examining and developing working practices to fit the needs of the workforce and securing their commitment to ongoing quality and company strategy. Any organisation has the opportunity to reap the benefits of utilising flexible working opportunities and flexible working can help retain staff, keeping experienced and skilled staff which in turn maintains quality and keeps costs down. Additionally this increased flexibility makes it easier recruit people with more diverse skills who might not otherwise be able to work.

A further benefit demonstrated in a number of reports, as mentioned in this document, is the potential for increased commitment and loyalty of staff members resulting in improved productivity and, as a welcome by product, improved profitability.

In todays society, due to the many economic and social changes, there is a need for employers to work with people to help them achieve a balance between work, family and caring responsibilities.

Flexible working is a workable solution with many benefits for businesses, people with families, older workers, carers and a the increasing number or workers looking to have a balance between their work and home life.

There are a number of criticisms of the move towards more flexible working practices both in the workplace generally and also within Team24. It is vital that more is done to promote the business case, and specifically to those managers opposing it within the business. A greater awareness of the benefits to the organisation as well as to employees will result in a smoother integration of these practices into the organisations strategy.

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Flexible working is not a new idea and there are many studies exploring trends and drivers affecting organisation’s approach to it such as Changing Patterns in a Changing World, A discussion document (March 2000) and Flexible Working: working for families, working for business, A report by the Family Friendly Working Hours Taskforce which in turn prompted Flexibility for the Future: The Government’s response to the recommendations of the Family Friendly Working Hours Taskforce (2010). These and other reports together with government initiatives over recent years have pushed for an increase in awareness of the benfits of flexible working.

For employers, in working with peoples need for flexibility, it increases employee commitment and job satisfaction by enabling older workers to work longer, facilitating single parents/low income earners/carers balancing responsibilities and being able to continue working, meaning that the company benefits from the knowledge and experience of these groups and avoiding their valuable skills and knowledge being lost to the company.

Another consideration for any business is the potential to tap into the under utilised workforce currently available. Due to the shortage of flexible working opportunities many part time staff are working below their potential and at a lower pay rate therefore forming a huge...
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