A Critical Evaluation of Impact of

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A Critical Evaluation of Impact of
International food Outlets on Traditional Indian Food Markets


India has the potential of being the biggest with the food and agricultural sector. The total food production in India is likely to double in the next ten years and there is an opportunity for large investments in food and food processing technologies, skills and equipment, especially in areas of Canning, Dairy and Food Processing, Specialty Processing, Packaging, Frozen Food/Refrigeration and Thermo Processing. Fruits & Vegetables, Fisheries, Milk & Milk Products, Meat & Poultry, Packaged/Convenience Foods, Alcoholic Beverages & Soft Drinks and Grains are important sub-sectors of the food processing industry. Health food and health food supplements are another rapidly rising segment of this industry which is gaining vast popularity amongst the health conscious. 

India is one of the world’s major food producers but accounts for less than 1.5 per cent of international food trade. This indicates vast scope for both investors and exporters. The Indian food industry is projected to grow by US$ 100 billion to US$ 300 billion by 2015, according to a report by a leading industry body and Technopak. During the period, the share of processed food in terms of value is expected to increase from 43 per cent to 50 per cent.The most promising sub-sectors includes -Soft-drink bottling, Confectionery manufacture, Fishing, aquaculture, Grain-milling and grain-based products, Meat and poultry processing, Alcoholic beverages, Milk processing, Tomato paste, Fast-food, Ready-to-eat breakfast cereals, Food additives, flavors etc.


Fast Food is the term given to food that can be prepared and served very quickly. While any meal with low preparation time can be considered to be fast food, typically the term refers to food sold in a restaurant or store with low quality preparation and served to customers in packaged form or take away. In 2006, the global fast food market grew by 4.8% and reached a value of 102.4 billion and a volume of 80.3 billion transactions. In India alone the fast food industry is growing by 40% a year. McDonald's is located in 120 countries and on 6 continents and operates over 31,000 restaurants worldwide. KFC is located in 25 countries. Subway has 29,186 restaurants located in 86 countries, Pizza Hut is located in 26 countries.


The percentage share held by foodservice of total consumer expenditure on food has increased from a very low base to stand at 2.6% in 2001. Eating at home remains very much ingrained in Indian culture and changes in eating habits are very slow moving with barriers to eating out entrenched in certain sectors of Indian society. Traditionally, eating out was looked down upon in Indian society. The growth in nuclear families, particularly in urban India, exposure to global media and Western cuisine and an increasing number of women joining the workforce have had an impact on eating out trends. Increasingly, eating out is becoming synonymous with entertainment, and very often, it is preferred as a time-saving option to cooking. Not surprisingly, takeaways are becoming increasingly popular .India is among the top three countries globally having highest number of people in the spending capacities in the age group of 25-49 yrs. India is placed at the second rank in the 2004 global retail development index an annual ranking of retail investment attractiveness among 30 emerging markets. The lack of consolidation and model retail concepts in India presents better opportunity to global players. Over 400 shopping malls, multiplexes, fast food giants, restaurants etc.are in planning or construction stage across the country


Fast food is one of the world’s largest growing food type. India’s fast food industry is growing by 40% a year and is expected to generate a billion...
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