A Critical Essay: Why Is Newspapers Circulation Decreasing?

Topics: Newspaper, Journalism, Mass media Pages: 3 (1201 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Ana Martins Murta
English 105
Professor Colin Fewer
July 2012

A critical essay: Why is newspapers circulation decreasing?
The future of newspapers has been put under discussion for many years, since the appearance of different news technologies, such as television and internet. The latest communication technology, internet, represents a huge threat to newspapers, according to some authors, and makes it necessary for the print journalists to change a bit of how they work. On the other hand, evidence suggests that the declining of newspapers has been going on since many years before the appearance of internet, hence other motives are involved in the decreasing circulation of this way of information that has been so important to the construction of the world as it is. This essay examines the factors that are leading to the lessening of newspapers, and suggests what journalists can do to avoid it. The lessening of newspapers circulation is leading to a decrease in publicity investment on them, what is leading to the end of some newspapers companies, since advertising in the major source of profit in a newspaper. According to Philip Meyer, in the year of 2000 advertising accounted for 82 percent of newspaper revenue … and circulation was the other 18” (37). And according to the 2011’s Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, while the ad revenue for print newspaper decreased badly from 2003 to last year, the ad revenue for online newspapers is substantially increasing. In 2003, the ad revenue for print newspaper was of 44,939 millions of dollars, while the ad revenue for online newspapers was of $ 1,216 million. This number experienced some growth until 2007, but in 2011, the ad revenue from print newspapers was of 20,692 millions of dollars, less than the half of the revenue from 2003. The online newspapers had an ad revenue of $ 3,249 millions last year, what represents almost three time the revenue from nine years ago. Of all the media...
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