A Critical Assessment of Personal Performance

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  • Published : October 5, 2011
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(Katie Mann) SD2200
Critical Assessment of Personal Performance
What areas did you feel most and least confident and why
I believe one of the reasons i felt confident, when visiting schools, we knew all the children, staff in the schools from previous visits. This created a positive learning environment. We were able to challenge the children because we knew their ability’s. I would spend time analysing each session focussing on, how, myself and fellow coaches could improve our learning as well as the children`s learning. Van Blerkom (2010) “You can dramatically improve your ability to concentrate by creating a positive learning environment” Sopher (2008) “Creating a positive learning environment requires suitable planning, organisation and commitment by the coach”. The sessions planned focused on fun, problem solving and experience which will have a cognitive learning approach feel to the skill which was required. Burns (1995) “The emphasis here is on importance of experience, meaning, and problem solving and the development of insights”. The FA (2008) emphasises that “Analysis of coaching performance is an intricate and complex processes and report that coaches don’t give enough time to the evaluation of their sessions”. As highlighted in my skills audit assignment 1, I felt least confident with presenting PowerPoint’s to participants, as this is one of my weaknesses compared to my colleagues. Whilst recognizing one of my weaknesses I have decided to put time aside to improve my knowledge on computer`s. Burns and Sinfield (2008).With this in place this will ensure that I have enough time to study at home, attend the library, attend classes and allow for the unexpected, whilst allowing a work life balance. Gelatt (1991) “To be balanced in setting goals means to be flexible about your focus” Access the impact of your learning outcomes for the work experience With Highfield Grange Football Club I`ve developed key ideas, improved my learning through coaching, and discussing my own ideas. This has helped me develop my skills, change sessions to improve my understanding, when sessions weren’t getting an understanding from participants. Marten’s (2004) “Successful coaches are masterful communicators, and unsuccessful coaches often fail not because they lack knowledge of the sport but because of poor communication skills”. Session’s where reflected to participants at the beginning of each lesson to further develop improve our own development to see what has been understood and remembered. FA (2009) “In order to develop techniques that are essential for skill development there has to be some form of repetition”. Coaching Practice (2009) “There is nothing worse than a coach rushing around trying to organize a group within a completely disorganized set up”. At any level the coach must be able to plan and organize a structured session, where the content easily flows from one task to the next. I have developed in analysing coaching sessions, showing each coach how to improve, Showing that if a player in the session finds it too easy using his/her stronger foot, have a go at using both, if he/she feels confident. As i want the session to be enjoyable and fun, also develop their learning and their knowledge.”Lyle (2002) “Effective can be defined as having the intended effect-that is, achieving the desired purpose within the sources available” Robyn J.Armour Et al (2004) Highlight “Coaching sessions should be fast moving, with the emphasis on quality work as opposed to quantity”. Within the last 6 months my skills have improved and developed as well as my knowledge by booking on local courses with the F.A which have included child protection, coaching disabled footballers, and Mentoring adults. My work was also recognised by Highfield Grange Football Club, who nominated me for coach of the year at the Wigan sports awards earlier this year.(1997) Demarco,McCullick“Expert coaches have a thorough knowledge of the sport...
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