A Critical Analysis to Self Scheduling for Hospital Nurses

Topics: Nursing, Nursing board certification, Nurse Pages: 5 (1611 words) Published: July 20, 2008
a. Applicable General Topic: - Nursing Management
b. Title of article: - Self-scheduling For Hospital Nurses: An Attempt And Its Difficulties c. Authors name: - Lotte Bailyn PhD, Robin Collins BSN and Yang Song BSc d. Name of the Journal: - Nursing Management

e. Date of journal: - January 2007
f. Volume: - 15
g. Number: - 1
h. Pages (72-77)
i. Publisher of journal: - BLACKWELL PUBLISHING

Synopsis and Summary
The article that I read was about the study that had been conducted for one of the department in the hospital which cares about nurses self-scheduling. A unit that consists of 70 registered nurses (RNs) who care of (31) beds. Some of the nurses were met by the researchers' group who sat the study agenda. The researchers felt that the nurses were eager to involve and try this new self scheduling. The scheduling system was described which was in place before the study started and the modifications that were introduced. The sign up sheet was prepared by the nurse manager, which lists all the data need for the sign up sheet (names, days on duty, months, vacation's days and days for education). The study held from 4 January 2004 to 1 January 2005 and the following data were collected:- •Four times the nurses were asked to fill in a short questionnaire. •The nurse manager kept monthly track of the number of sick calls and the number of change requests. •The nurse manager kept track of the amount of time she spent on scheduling each month, and her annoyance with it. Findings for this study as follow:-

The number of change requests were decreased dramatically after the first month of the self scheduling but then reverted in the last two months of the year due to the scheduling of Thanksgiving and Christmas. •Number of sick calls remained steady at approximately 45. •The time the nurse manager spent to make the monthly nursing schedules decreased, except on holidays. •Nearly all the nurses who responded commented that self – scheduling offered them more flexibility at the workplace. Two months later after the study finished, one of the researchers passed by the unit and asked the nurses how they felt about self – scheduling. (70%) were really sorry that self scheduling ended. They liked the control and freedom that self – scheduling allowed. However, they reported that if a nurse was in the third and last group to sign up for schedule or just got back from vacation, the nurse became frustrated at the selection of shifts left over. Answers were varied when they asked why self-scheduling did not work in this case, so, some said because it created too much work for the nurse manager who did not like to keep changing. Others believed that a few nurses were ruining self-scheduling for everyone, that is, a few nurses did not follow the rules as they were supposed to.

General Theme
The general theme of this study is to create more convenient environment for nurses who need to watch the patients twenty four hours a day. However, showing some flexibility in terms of schedule will give the nurse enough time to manage her needs on daily life. Moreover, is the confidence and less supervision were given for those nurses to manage their schedule and fill in the spot that they need.

Point of view
The study is objective and factual. The study gains my attention and could be implemented for nursing units that work twenty four hours a day. Regardless of some obstacles that could be faced, I believe these obstacles could be ameliorated and increase the efficacy of the self-scheduling. I believe it a good way to run any department that operate twenty four hours a day and that is what I will go for. Furthermore, this would have influence for both patients and employee satisfactions. Issue analysis

The study was conducted for a year at unit that consists of (70) RNs who take care of (31) beds. •The study was described a head of time and the...
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