A Crime Prevention Strategy

Topics: Crime, Violence, Police Pages: 9 (3641 words) Published: April 19, 2013
A Crime prevention strategy – Violence around licensed premises. The problem chosen to address in this essay is the ‘Violence around licensed premises.’ The offences that need to be dealt with are predominantly drunk and disorderly acts and minor assaults. This issue will be addressed by firstly outlining the different strategies that will be used in an attempt to prevent the violence around licensed premises. The second part of the essay will go on to commentate on why the strategies which have been used are effective and then their strengths and weaknesses will be debated. Then it will be concluded which strategies are the most and least effective when attempting to prevent the crime around licensed premises. The issue of violence around licensed premises as a problem is mainly apparent between the times of 10pm and 3am on Fridays and Saturdays, although there are often smaller issues earlier in the night they have been resolved more often than not before the police arrive at the scene. The victims of the assaults taking place tend to be males aged 18 – 24 years, the offenders have been pinpointed as to be predominantly male and young also however there have been reports of female suspects it is generally the latter. There has already been some crime prevention strategies put into place to prevent this from occurring for example increased high – visibility patrols in the area however they have claimed that they and the ambulance service are overwhelmed by the number of incidents they must deal with at the peak times of midnight and 2am. There police have also attempted to increase high-visibility patrols in the area however as well as the ambulance services they are extremely overwhelmed by the vast amounts of the public at the peak times on a Friday and Saturday evening. These offences appear to be occurring later on at night often after young people are leaving the bars and nightclubs in the town centre. The crime/problem analysis triangle can be linked with this problem because the inner triangle in this scenario would be the chemistry between the shop having the alcohol which those leaving a nightclub will want and the victims and offenders. The amount of alcohol, people and time of night are all factors which could cause the offences to occur. This chemistry wil more than often lead to a volatile situation arising. The town centre has CCTV coverage and there is a radio which is linked to the police however it is not linked to the pub watch radios therefore this could be something which needs changing. There are a number of different crime prevention methods that can be applied to prevent violence around licensed premise; these premises include bars, pubs, and nightclubs and so on. Previous research has found that around 47% of all incidents in relation to violence and disorder in pubs occurs in just two hours of the week these times being between 11:00pm and 12:00am on Fridays and at the same time on Saturdays. (Rutter et al 1998) This applies to this case because the peak times of violence are again at midnight but also 2am. Over 50% of all arrests for drink-related crimes and Public Order offences occur around these times. The vast amount of people in the same area at the same time leads to a greater probability to conflict. This can be due to a number of things including individuals simply showing off to their peers or an over consumption of alcohol and lack of knowledge as to what they are doing. The taxi drivers and fast food restaurants are often overwhelmed by the amount of people leaving the nightclubs therefore this could cause frustration among individuals waiting to be served or for a taxi which could lead to conflicts occurring in the streets with other likewise individuals. This indicates that because the bars and clubs are closing at similar times there’s a high amount of people leaving the premises and waiting for taxis and food at the same time. Fixed closing times are in some part responsible for...
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