A Course in Financial Calculus

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A Course in Financial Calculus

A Course in

Financial Calculus
Alison Etheridge University of Oxford


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Preface 1 Single period models Summary 1.1 Some definitions from finance 1.2 Pricing a forward 1.3 The one-step binary model 1.4 A ternary model 1.5 A characterisation of no arbitrage 1.6 The risk-neutral probability measure Exercises Binomial trees and discrete parameter martingales Summary 2.1 The multiperiod binary model 2.2 American options 2.3 Discrete parameter martingales and Markov processes 2.4 Some important martingale theorems 2.5 The Binomial Representation Theorem 2.6 Overture to continuous models Exercises Brownian motion Summary 3.1 Definition of the process 3.2 L´ vy’s construction of Brownian motion e 3.3 The reflection principle and scaling 3.4 Martingales in continuous time Exercises Stochastic calculus Summary

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4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6 4.7 4.8

Stock prices are not differentiable Stochastic integration Itˆ ’s formula o Integration by parts and a stochastic Fubini Theorem The Girsanov Theorem The Brownian Martingale Representation Theorem Why geometric Brownian motion? The Feynman–Kac representation Exercises

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The Black–Scholes model Summary 5.1 The basic Black–Scholes model 5.2 Black–Scholes price and hedge for European options 5.3 Foreign exchange 5.4 Dividends 5.5 Bonds 5.6 Market price of risk Exercises Different payoffs Summary 6.1 European options with discontinuous payoffs 6.2 Multistage options 6.3 Lookbacks and barriers 6.4 Asian options 6.5 American options Exercises Bigger models Summary 7.1 General stock model 7.2 Multiple stock models 7.3 Asset prices with jumps 7.4 Model error Exercises Bibliography Notation Index




Financial mathematics provides a striking example of successful collaboration between academia and industry. Advanced mathematical techniques, developed in both universities and banks, have transformed the derivatives business into a multi-trillion-dollar market. This has led to demand for highly trained students and with that demand comes a need for textbooks. This volume provides a first course in financial mathematics. The influence of Financial Calculus by Martin Baxter and Andrew Rennie will be obvious. I am extremely grateful to Martin and Andrew for their guidance and for allowing me to use some of the material from their book. The structure of the text largely follows Financial Calculus, but the mathematics, especially the discussion of stochastic calculus, has been expanded to a level appropriate to a university mathematics course and the text is supplemented by a large number of...
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