A Coup D Etat in Slow Motion

Topics: Olof Palme, Sweden, Police Pages: 918 (357132 words) Published: May 12, 2013






Translated to English by Bente Dammegaard from the Swedish original, ”Statskupp i slowmotion”

© 2013 Ole Dammegård Cover:Ole Dammegård Illustrations: Ole Dammegård Font: Times New Roman 10 pt


On the night of February 28, 1986, I headed the police patrol first at the site of the murder of our Prime Minister, and thereby found myself in the middle of one of the largest political and legal scandals of the 20th century in Sweden. Ever since then, I have gradually come to the conclusion that the responsible authorities have primarily tried to cover up the event. I have read many books, official documents, newspaper articles, etc, and have also spent thousands of hours both alone and together with serious private persons trying to find the truth about this murder. Among the more interesting books, I would like to mention “Coup d’Etat in Slow Motion”. What has been most interesting to me is the fascinating story, the extensive research and also the information concerning global Free Masonic networks. Therefore, I give this book my very best recommendations to all those who are interested in the murder of Olof Palme and the reasons behind it. Gösta Söderström

Very special thanks to Bente Dammegård & Tom Kimball, Ph.D. without whose invaluable help this book would never have materialized


In Loving Memory of Gösta Söderström

Fritz G. Pettersson

Ingvar Heimer

Gustaf ”Gösta” Trysberg & Fletcher Prouty


One morning Life knocked on my door. I said: I’m not letting you in! Life answered: I knocked on the inside. Bertil Martinsson


Foreword Author’s comments A coup d’etat in slow motion Fiction - Reality Terror strikes at Sweden – a fictitious scenario 16 23 26

Minute by minute The entire 24 hours round the assassination 37 Friday, February 28, 1986 40 Maps of the crime scene 51, 56, 65, 79, 95, 111, 171, 452, 707 Murder & manipulation Faked documentation and ostracized critics Did Lisbet recognize the murderer Phantom picture Söderström – a non-person Reported as accessory to murder Does or doesn’t exist One ambulance becomes two Treatment of Witnesses The incredible treatment of witnesses by the police The Magnum organization Matti The man from Skelleftehamn More Anonymous Letters (Same Witness?) The investigation bluff Why was the autopsy report censored? The Mockfjärd robbery The postmortem of Olof Palme The original Swedish autopsy report Was Lisbet Palme shot? “A deep cut” Frightening parallels with JFK, etc 168 174 176 179 186 188 193 199 225 226 227 229 235 245 246 249 260 264 265


The patsies Chosen – pointed out – and with no chance at all Victor Gunnarsson The useless witness Shot in the head PKK Wedding becomes murder Handcuffed children Operation Alfa Christer Pettersson Killer - not a murderer Scandal and insecurity Unidentified man Fluttering and confused Acquitted but guilty The Bomb man Was to liquidate the king Naked on a bear skin Continued witch hunt Four-inch fracture in his cranium Buried after four months The Bofors Connection The scandalous arms export of neutral Sweden Background Red and green countries Fake end-user certificates The India order The panic spreads The scandal explodes K-O Feldt and Ingvar Carlsson pointed out “Unnecessarily provoking” Sweden refuses aid The Palme murder of Belgium The paedophile scandal Drowned in the bathtub

270 270 272 276 278 279 281 283 286 289 293 295 298 301 303 306 308 309 310 311 314 315 318 319 321 323 325 327 329 331 333 337 340


Strange deaths Journalists and others who knew too much Cats Falck Placed in freezer? Evidence disappeared The Container connection Carl Fredrik Algernon Claes-Ulrik & Kristina Winberg Hilding Eek The murder at Steg Svante Odén Stabbed himself 15 times Suicide without fingerprints Ingvar Heimer People who knew Säpo was warned about the...
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